Facing an underage DUI charge in Indianapolis can be an overwhelming situation for young people and their families, with ramifications that extend far beyond the immediate consequences. 

Potential outcomes include license suspension and fines. These charges will also result in a criminal record if convicted, which has a significant influence on a person’s future because of collateral consequences. In some cases, a conviction can also lead to jail time. 

Understanding the consequences and what to do if you’re facing a DUI charge is key to formulating a strategy that will best protect you. The following are some of the most important steps you should take if you’re facing an underage DUI charge:

Cooperate With the Police

If you’ve been pulled over and are facing an underage DUI charge, it’s important to stay calm and cooperate with the police. 

Being polite towards law enforcement officials during your interactions can help keep things under control, even if emotions start taking over. You want to make sure you don’t resist, as this could lead to additional charges and make your life more difficult. 

If you believe the officers were treating you unfairly or violated certain rights, this is something that can be dealt with later, so make sure you take note of this. 

Contact an Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Once you’ve been charged or believe charges are imminent, reaching out to an experienced criminal defense attorney is the most important step you can take. An underage DUI charge carries serious consequences, and the best way to fight back is to work with an experienced lawyer.

Contacting a lawyer right away allows them to begin working on your defense at the soonest opportunity – evaluating evidence, identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and formulating a defense strategy that can lead to the best possible outcome for your case. 

Be Aware of Your Rights 

Knowing your legal rights is important as you navigate through this process. While it’s very important to cooperate with the police and be respectful, this doesn’t mean you have to answer questions about the allegations or say anything that might incriminate you. 

You always have the right to remain silent, as granted by the Fifth Amendment, and you can refuse to answer questions until you’ve spoken with a lawyer. 

You’re also entitled to have an attorney present during any police questioning, which is always a good idea because anything you say can be used against you in court.

Explore Plea Deals

Discussing plea deal options with your defense attorney is an important consideration if you’re charged with an underage DUI. A plea bargain could mean pleading guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for reduced penalties or dismissing some aspects of the charges against you entirely.

Even though a plea deal might result in some immediate legal consequences, it can be a strategic move that ultimately minimizes damage to your long-term future compared to risking conviction on more serious charges at trial.

Always Show up to Court

You need to make sure you attend all court hearings. Failing to appear in court as required can result in additional charges, like contempt of court or failure to appear, which could end up with you being taken into custody. 

Attending court—dressing appropriately and showing respect to the judge and prosecutor—will affect how you are perceived. It also ensures that you’re able to stay informed about your case’s progression, providing opportunities to work closely with your attorney to navigate the situation.

If a genuine emergency prevents you from attending, communicate this immediately with the court and your lawyer.

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