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How a Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Back Against Your Federal Charge

Being arrested by a federal law enforcement agency can be an incredibly frightening experience. If you have ever found yourself in this unenviable situation, you will know that this initial fear quickly turns into worry. Every minute that you are in the custody of the federal government is spent thinking about how this arrest is likely to impact your future.

Of course, if you wish to avoid being punished for the crime that you have been accused of, you will need to make sure that you are not convicted. You can take the first step toward accomplishing this feat by hiring experienced criminal defense lawyers in Indianapolis, IN.

Our legal team will work night and day to help you make it as difficult as possible for the federal prosecutor to turn your charge into a conviction. When you hire us to represent you, we will:

The only way to emerge successfully from a federal criminal case is to develop and execute an effective legal strategy. Of course, to come up with such a plan, you will need the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer.

The attorneys at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers have worked on countless federal cases over the years. As a result, we understand which strategies are likely to work and which ones will most likely fail. When you hire us to work on your case, we will help you come up with a plan that gives you the best possible chance for success.

Gather Exculpatory Evidence

The moment that you were placed under arrest, the prosecution began compiling evidence to prove your guilt. They may even have begun this process weeks or months before you were taken into custody. If you wish to clear your name, you will need to gather evidence that introduces doubt into their argument or proves that you are innocent.

Our attorneys understand the importance of exculpatory evidence – and we know exactly where to look to find it. When you employ a member of our team as your legal counsel, we will search high and low to find documents, video recordings, and witnesses that can help your case.

Represent You in Court

There is a chance that your case will be dropped before it ever goes to trial. You may also choose to accept a plea bargain. However, if neither of these things occurs, your case will almost certainly end up in the federal courts.

Our experienced trial lawyers have argued many cases in front of federal judges over the years. If your case ends up in court, you can be confident that we will argue firmly but confidently on your behalf. Though we cannot guarantee results, we can promise that you will receive top-notch legal representation.

As one of the premier criminal defense law firms in all of Indiana, Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers would be honored to help you fight back against your federal charge. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our experienced legal team.

Understanding the Difference Between State Crimes and Federal Crimes

Before launching a defense against a federal criminal charge, it is important to understand what sets it apart from a state charge. Let’s take a look:

State Crimes

The state of Indiana outlines its criminal offenses in the Indiana Code. Individuals who violate one of those laws may be charged with a state crime. In most instances, arrests for state crimes are made by local law enforcement officers and tried in a state courtroom.

Federal Crimes

Investigations into federal criminal offenses are almost always led by a federal agency such as the FBI or DEA. These organizations levy charges on individuals who commit crimes in multiple states, on federal property, on federal land, or against a federal government official. They can also investigate offenses that are not listed in state statutes but are recognized as crimes at the federal level.

The prosecution of a federal crime is almost always carried out by the U.S. Department of Justice – with trials taking place in federal courts.

The lawyers at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to represent you against both state and federal criminal charges. To learn more about our services and how we might be able to help, all you need to do is give us a call or send us a message online.

Common Types of Federal Crimes

Federal law enforcement agencies have the power to charge U.S. citizens, residents, and visitors with a wide variety of different crimes. Some of the most common types of cases that are pursued by the federal government include:

Firearms Offenses

The right of an individual to own a firearm is outlined in the Constitution of the United States. Despite this right, however, the federal government has written quite a few laws surrounding the sale and transportation of guns. Anyone who violates those rules and regulations may be charged with a federal crime.

Drug Offenses

The FBI and DEA spend quite a bit of time investigating individuals who are smuggling drugs into the country or are transporting them across state lines. As a result, the federal government charges thousands of people with drug trafficking charges every year.

White-Collar Offenses

Criminal offenses such as money laundering, tax evasion, and internet fraud are all regularly prosecuted by the federal government. Even though these crimes are non-violent, they can still result in some pretty serious punishments.

Environmental Offenses

Most environmental offenses fall under the remit of the federal government – and are usually investigated by the EPA. Anyone who is caught dumping toxic waste or killing an endangered animal is likely to face a sizeable fine or even some time in federal prison.

If you have been charged with a crime that falls into any of these categories, you will need to hire a skilled lawyer to help you clear your name. The attorneys at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers have been providing top-class legal services to the people of Indianapolis for years. To have us do the same for you, just give us a call and set up an initial consultation with a member of our legal team.

Punishments for Federal Convictions

The punishments doled out for federal convictions will vary significantly from one case to the next. Generally speaking, any penalties will be decided based on the seriousness of the crime, the criminal history of the offender, and a host of other factors.

Some cases end with a fine or a probationary sentence. Many, however, conclude with a lengthy prison sentence being handed down to the defendant. Prison terms for federal felony convictions include:

  • Class E Felonies: Up to 5 years in federal prison
  • Class D Felonies: Up to 10 years in federal prison
  • Class C Felonies: Up to 25 years in federal prison
  • Class B Felonies: At least 25 years in federal prison
  • Class A Felonies: A life term in federal prison or the death penalty

The attorneys at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers in Indianapolis have years of experience handling federal criminal cases. If you have been charged with a federal offense, we may be able to help you reduce your punishment or clear your name entirely. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled lawyers.

Potential Defenses Against Federal Criminal Charges

Having worked on federal cases over the years, our attorneys have seen and used a wide variety of different defense strategies. A brief list of some of the most effective ones would include:

Insufficient Evidence

Before a federal prosecutor can land a conviction, they must first prove that the defendant is guilty of the crime that they have been charged with. Our attorneys regularly argue that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to prove their case. When our claims are successful, our clients are found not guilty or their cases are dismissed.

Rights Violations

When investigating, arresting, holding, and interviewing a defendant, the federal government must respect their constitutional rights. When they fail to do so, our lawyers can argue that any evidence gathered as a result of a rights violation must be thrown out. In some cases, we may even be able to have the entire case dismissed after a violation occurs.

Mistaken Identity

Federal law enforcement officials occasionally arrest the wrong person. These mistakes usually happen when their description of the suspect is somewhat vague or happens to be similar to multiple people in the same area. Our attorneys can usually get all charges dropped fairly quickly by providing proof that our client is not the individual that they were looking for.

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