Commonwealth v. E.T.

Client was charged with Felony Rape in Mason Co. Circuit Court, Mason Co., KY. Client was facing north of 60 years if convicted. Client insisted that he was being falsely charged by his ex-girlfriend of the rape. Commonwealth Attorney was not willing to offer any substantial reduction. We went to Jury Trial, where Client was found Not Guilty on all counts. Client went home with his family after trial.

State v. I.S.

Client was charged with Felony Possession of Narcotic Drug. Client was a medical student at the time he was charged. We were able to negotiate a felony Diversion program for him, which led to the felony drug charges against him dismissed.

State v. N.S.

Client was charged with OWI. Client would lose job if convicted of OWI. Prosecutor was not willing to offer any reduction. We proceeded to Trial and was awarded a Directed Verdict after the State rested their case and did not offer sufficient evidence to establish their case.

State v. T.A.

Client was charged with OWI. Initially, State was not willing to make any offer to a reduced charge. We challenged the charge, set up depositions, filed Motion to Suppress, and was able to suppress enough evidence and damage the State’s case against Client that State offered a plea to a reduced charge of Reckless Driving.


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