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Indiana First Offense Misdemeanor DUI Penalties

Handling a DUI (or OWI, as it is often referred to in Indiana) charge can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first offense. In Indiana courts, driving under the influence (DUI) charges should not be taken lightly. Although classified as a misdemeanor for the first offense, these carry serious penalties that can significantly… read more

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer If I Shoot Someone Who Breaks Into My House in Indianapolis, IN?

Home invasions can trigger intense fear and an instinctual need to protect oneself. In such situations, the controversial topic of using lethal force in self-defense often arises. If you ever find yourself in this frightening situation, it’s critical to understand the local laws regarding the use of force in your own home and when a… read more

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Indianapolis

Navigating the legal system when you’re charged with a crime can be a daunting experience. However, having the right criminal defense lawyer in your corner can make all the difference. Whether you’re dealing with a traffic violation or a serious criminal charge in Indianapolis, the quality of your legal representation can significantly impact the outcome… read more

Is There a Difference Between an OWI and a DUI in Indiana?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in every state. However, states have different terms to refer to this illegal behavior. DUI is the common acronym used to refer to driving a vehicle when your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is above the legal limit of .08%, or when your driving abilities are impaired because… read more

What Are Your Options? What To Do After Getting Your First DUI In Indianapolis

Driving in Indiana is a privilege that is regulated by the Indiana Motor Vehicle Code. These regulations dictate what you need to get a license and what actions will cause your license to be revoked. One of the fastest ways to have your license revoked is to be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI)…. read more

What Are the Steps of a Criminal Trial in Indianapolis, IN

Many criminal cases are resolved without going to trial. Usually, an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer can work to have the criminal charges dropped or negotiate a fair plea deal. However, taking some cases to a criminal trial in Indianapolis is necessary to protect the person’s rights and fight for an acquittal. Understanding the Steps… read more

Your Guide to the Breathalyzer Laws in Indiana

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is illegal in Indiana. A police officer can pull you over for the suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or another reason, such as violating traffic laws. If the officer believes they have probable cause, they will begin a roadside DUI investigation, which can include… read more

What Proof Is Needed For a Restraining Order in Indianapolis?

Restraining orders, or protective orders in Indiana, are court orders that can significantly limit your rights. They are often granted in cases involving domestic violence. They typically restrict the alleged offender from having contact with another person. These orders can also exclude you from a shared residence, limit parenting time with shared children, and order… read more

What Are the Grounds for Harassment in Indiana?

Harassment may be defined as behavior that intimidates, threatens, or demeans someone. The behavior is uninvited, unwanted, and unwelcome. The conduct is made without any legitimate purpose and causes alarm, nuisance, or substantial emotional distress. Harassment can occur anywhere, but most people are familiar with workplace harassment and sexual harassment. Harassment can also be a… read more

How Are Charges Dropped in Indianapolis, IN Criminal Cases?

Facing criminal charges in Indianapolis can be stressful and frightening. One of the common questions clients ask our Indianapolis criminal defense attorneys is about dropping charges in their cases.  Many people assume the victim can choose to drop charges, but that is not the case. Once criminal charges are filed, it is up to the… read more