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Have you been accused of sexual assault or harassment at a post-secondary institution in Indianapolis, IN? If your college or university finds you responsible for violations of Title IX, you could experience serious consequences. You could face suspension or expulsion and even suffer professional consequences down the line. 

Did you know you are entitled to an attorney during the Title IX investigation and hearing process? The Indianapolis Title IX attorneys at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers will help you protect your rights. We’ll use our century of combined experience to defend you against the charges and show you were not responsible for violations of school policy. 

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How Our Title IX Defense Attorneys Can Help with an Indianapolis Title IX Case

How Our Title IX Defense Attorneys Can Help with an Indianapolis Title IX Case

The Title IX disciplinary process often favors the accuser. Colleges and universities frequently face pressure from the campus community to prevent sexual assault on campus. This pressure can result in an extreme bias toward the accused before they ever get a chance to tell their side of the story.

Don’t let this happen to you. Our Indianapolis sex offense attorneys can ensure your school respects your rights and doesn’t prematurely side with your accuser. We have over 100 years of combined experience defending individuals accused of sexual misconduct.

When you hire Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers in Indianapolis, IN, we will:

  • Review your college’s Title IX disciplinary procedures
  • Analyze the conduct code as part of your defense
  • Investigate the incident in question to gather evidence of your innocence 
  • Locate and interview witnesses who can corroborate your side of the story
  • Represent you in disciplinary hearings
  • Appeal decisions finding you responsible for violations of school policy
  • Take your case to court if the school discriminated in the Title IX process

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What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination in any education program, service, or activity that receives federal funding. The law imposes a duty on colleges and universities to take reasonable steps to protect students from violence or harassment connected to sex. 

Most post-secondary institutions have Title IX offices/coordinators that are in charge of responding to complaints of sexual misconduct involving students and faculty. These offices might also have investigators that process and investigate sexual misconduct complaints.

What Conduct Violates Title IX and Conduct Codes at My University?

Certain types of alleged conduct could trigger an investigation by your school’s Title IX office. Specifically, you may be implicated in a Title IX investigation if you were accused of: 

Title IX complaints typically involve incidents of sexual misconduct that happened on campus, e.g., campus housing. However, you could still find yourself subject to a Title IX complaint for off-campus conduct in some circumstances.

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault or harassment at your university, you need to take action. Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers can help you understand your rights during the Title IX process. Contact our law office to schedule a free case consultation with a Title IX attorney in Indianapolis.

What Happens When a Title IX Complaint is Filed Against a Student?

The Title IX process begins when an accuser files a complaint with the college’s Title IX office/coordinator. The complaint will record details about the date and facts of the alleged sexual assault or harassment. It will also list the name of the alleged assaulter (respondent). 

The Title IX office will then investigate the complaint. Investigators may contact the complainant and the accused to discuss the document. They will also contact witnesses to get a sense of what happened on the date in question. The investigator will review any and all other evidence that may be relevant to the case, including texts, photographs, video footage, and more.

When the investigator is finished with their investigations, they will compile an investigation report detailing their findings and send it to the parties. The Title IX office will then schedule a hearing related to the complaint. 

The hearing panel will hear from both parties and assess the evidence presented during the proceeding. The panel will then decide whether the accused is responsible for Title IX or conduct code violations. If so, they will sanction the accused. The respondent may appeal the panel’s decision.

Do I Need a Title IX Defense Attorney? 

You are typically entitled to have a lawyer during the Title IX process. This representation can make a big difference in your case.

The college Title IX process is supposed to be unbiased. But it often sways toward the accused. Colleges don’t want to show that they are indifferent to sexual assault complaints. However, this tendency frequently results in accusations of gender bias in disciplinary proceedings. 

Having an attorney can force your college to play by the rules. Your lawyer can make sure your school complies with its policies and procedures and provides you with a fair hearing that gives you a chance to prove your innocence. 

Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers can be your ally throughout the life of your case. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free case review.

Colleges and Universities near Indianapolis

There are numerous post-secondary institutions near Indianapolis. Contact Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers today if you’re being investigated for sexual assault at any of the following institutions:

  • Butler University 
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Marian University 
  • University of Indianapolis 
  • DePauw University

There are many other colleges in the region. Contact our law office for assistance with your Title IX defense.

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