You always need an attorney when you go to court.

It’s not necessarily mandatory.

You’ve got a right to represent yourself, but most courts will not take a plea from a client that doesn’t have a lawyer or hasn’t consulted with one.

It’s very important, even from the courts perspective, to talk with a lawyer, because DUI is one of the most complex areas of loss that we deal with in the municipal court level and sometimes even in the felony court level.

Lawyers that are familiar with your court in your situation and the laws pertaining to your situation can help facilitate getting you driving privileges as soon as you’re eligible.

You have a one shot opportunity to hire the right lawyer or right group of lawyers like here at Suhre & Associates to help you with your case.

If we can help you avoid a conviction that’s going to be the best result for you.

Call Suhre & Associates.

Robert Healey, Attorney at Law
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