Indianapolis is a wonderful city to live in, and countless individuals visit every year, enjoying everything the area offers. 

Whether you’re looking to move to Indianapolis or just visit, it’s helpful to understand the safest neighborhoods in Indianapolis and the ones you should steer clear of. 

The Safest Neighborhoods in Indianapolis, IN

The Safest Neighborhoods in Indianapolis, IN

There are several safe areas in and around Indianapolis. Below are some of the most recognized secure neighborhoods. 


Zionsville is a suburb located northwest of Indianapolis. Along with its homey feel, Zionsville is attractive for its downtown area, which looks like a quaint village full of stores and restaurants. 

The area of Zionsville has grown in population and is now at over 33,000 residents. Those who live in Zionsville enjoy the safe, secure atmosphere. 


Meridian-Kessler is a residential area four miles north of downtown Indianapolis. It has been around since the 1890s. Today, it is considered an upper-middle class area and a desirable area to live in Indianapolis. 

Crime is very low in Meridian-Kessler, making it a sought-after neighborhood for families. 


Geist is an affluent area in northeastern Indianapolis. It’s known for its waterfront amenities, attracting the attention of many businessmen, politicians, and celebrities. 

Not only is Geist’s waterfront lifestyle attractive, but it’s also a safe area. Crime numbers remain low, helping residents feel secure and at home. 


Fishers is a popular suburb of Indianapolis, with a population of over 100,000. Residents enjoy living in Fishers, and visitors love visiting the area, as many attractions and events are happening at all times.

Fishers is considered to be a safe area to live in, as it is safer than 63% of U.S. cities. Property crimes are more likely than violent crimes. The likelihood of violent crimes is less than one per 1,000 residents. 


Carmel is a suburb just north of Indianapolis. Like Fishers, the population in Carmel is over 100,000.

Carmel is always busy, offering residents and visitors plenty to do. Along with its many attractions, Carmel is known to be a safe area to live in and visit. The likelihood of violent crimes in this area is less than one per 1,000 residents. 

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Indianapolis, IN

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Indianapolis, IN

Among the dangerous neighborhoods in Indianapolis, the ones below are some of the most well-known. 


Bos is an area located near downtown Indianapolis. Most residents in the area are renting their homes as opposed to owning them. More rentals mean more turnover of people, which often contributes to higher crime rates. 


Midtown is just northwest of Indianapolis, near downtown. This is also an area with crime rates higher than in other areas in Indianapolis. There is plenty of turnover in Midtown, which could be one of the primary causes of frequent crime. 

Tuxedo Park

Tuxedo Park is a neighborhood in Indianapolis with a high crime rate. Crimes most committed in the area are theft crimes, like burglary and assault. Residents know to avoid being on the streets alone at night to minimize the chances of experiencing a crime. 


As the name refers, Westside is on the west side of Indianapolis. It is a larger neighborhood in Indianapolis, spanning seven square miles. This area is known to be one of the most unsafe, as theft crimes, like robbery, are always a fear. 


Martindale is a neighborhood in Indianapolis with a population of over 12,000. This area is undesirable overall, as its housing, school systems, and crime rates make it a neighborhood most want to avoid.

Get To Know and Enjoy the City of Indianapolis

Get To Know and Enjoy the City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a wonderful city, but like most in the country, there are good and bad areas. Whether you’re new to Indianapolis or just wish to know the city better, it’s important to do your research and ask around to understand where to go and where to avoid. 

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