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At Suhre & Associates, LLC we understand that being arrested and charged with burglary in Indiana can be terrifying.

As soon as the police placed those cold handcuffs around your wrists, you likely began worrying about how your arrest would impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through the ensuing criminal case on your own. Our Our team has decades of combined experience handling the most complex and challenging criminal matters including Indianapolis Dui cases, Indianapolis domestic violence, assault defense, drug crimes, federal crimes, sex crimes, and more.

lawyers are always ready to help you fight back against your burglary charge and make it as difficult as possible for the state to convict you. Contact us today at (317) 759-2599.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You Fight Back Against Your Burglary Charge

How Our Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at  Suhre & Associates, LLC  near you,  Can Help You Fight Back Against Your Burglary Charge

The legal team here at Suhre & Associates, LLC, believes that Indianapolis residents who are accused of a crime should have easy access to world-class legal services. When you hire us to help you with your burglary case, we will:

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

As a resident or citizen of the United States, you are afforded certain rights by the U.S. Constitution. When prosecuting you for burglary, the state of Indiana and its representatives must respect those rights. Unfortunately, they sometimes step over the line.

Fortunately, our Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers are experts at spotting rights violations as they occur.

If we notice a police officer or prosecutor stepping over the line during your case, we will intervene immediately. If necessary, we will also raise the matter with the judge.

Negotiate with the Prosecuting Attorney

In the early stages of your case, the prosecutor may step forward and offer you a plea bargain agreement. Unfortunately, the terms of their initial deal are likely to leave a lot to be desired. To improve them, some negotiations will probably be required.

The lawyers here at Suhre & Associates, LLC, have been dealing with Indiana prosecutors for years. We understand what they need to see and hear before they can improve their offers. When we represent you, we will use all of our knowledge and experience to try to land you a favorable deal.

Represent You in Court

If a fair plea bargain deal cannot be worked out, your case will almost certainly go to trial. There, a judge and jury will review the details of your situation and decide whether or not you should be convicted. If they find you guilty of burglary, they will also rule on how you should be penalized.

Since these proceedings have the potential to change the course of your life, you will need a skilled lawyer by your side throughout. When you work with our legal team, that is exactly what you will have. Our experienced attorneys have represented countless clients in Indiana courts, and are experts at arguing in front of a judge and jury.

If you would like to have the Suhre & Associates, LLC, legal team help you fight back against your burglary charge, all you need to do is give us a call and set up a free consultation. We would love to meet with you to discuss your case in greater detail and provide you with more information about our legal services.

Understanding Indiana’s Burglary Laws

For hundreds of years, burglary was a common-law crime that could loosely be defined as the act of illegally entering a building with the intent to commit a crime. Today, most jurisdictions explicitly state their definition of burglary in their penal code.

The Indiana Code features two main statutes which discuss the crime of burglary:


According to section 35-43-2-1 of the Indiana Code, breaking and entering into the building or occupied structure of another person with the intent to commit a felony or theft is illegal. Individuals who violate this statute may be charged with burglary.

Indiana typically classifies burglary as a Level 5 felony. However, the state may upgrade the felony level of this offense under certain circumstances.

The crime of burglary may be bumped up to a Level 4 felony if the building or structure accessed by the defendant is a dwelling.

The state of Indiana can classify burglary as a Level 3 felony if it results in bodily injury to a person besides the defendant.

Burglary may be upgraded to a Level 2 felony if either of the following conditions is met:

  • The crime is committed while the offender is armed with a deadly weapon
  • The crime results in serious bodily injury to a person besides the defendant

Indiana can punish burglary as a Level 1 felony if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The building or structure accessed by the defendant is a dwelling
  • The crime results in serious bodily injury to a person besides the defendant

Unlawful Residential Entry

The crime of unlawful residential entry, as outlined in section 35-43-2-1.5 of the Indiana Code, is a slightly less serious version of burglary. Anyone who knowingly or intentionally gains unlawful entry into the dwelling of another person may be charged with this crime. They do not need to have entered a building with the intent to commit a crime.

This state of Indiana typically classifies unlawful residential entry as a Level 6 felony.

Have you been accused of burglary or unlawful residential entry in the state of Indiana? If so, the experienced attorneys here at Suhre & Associates, LLC, in Indianapolis, may be able to help you get your charge dropped or reduced. Reach out to us today to arrange a free consultation and learn more about how we can assist you with your case.

Consequences of Burglary Convictions in Indiana

Individuals who are found guilty of committing a burglary offense in the state of Indiana can face a wide range of negative consequences. In most instances, these negative consequences can be separated into two main categories – criminal and collateral:

Criminal Consequences of Indiana Burglary Convictions

People who are convicted of burglary in Indiana are punished in accordance with the following state sentencing guidelines:

  • Level 6 Felonies: Up to 30 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000
  • Level 5 Felonies: Up to 6 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000
  • Level 4 Felonies: Up to 12 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000
  • Level 3 Felonies: Up to 16 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000
  • Level 2 Felonies: Up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000
  • Level 1 Felonies: Up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000

Collateral Consequences of Indiana Burglary Convictions

When most people think of the consequences of committing a crime, they think of fines and prison sentences. However, for many individuals, the collateral consequences that occur as a result of their criminal record can be more life-altering that their criminal penalties.

Some of the most common collateral consequences endured by convicts in Indiana include:

  • Difficulty Renting an Apartment: Property managers often turn down applications from felons.
  • Difficulty Finding Employment: Some companies have strict policies against hiring felons.
  • Difficulty Maintaining Professional Licenses: Many governing bodies will revoke professional licenses from people who have been convicted of a crime. Other organizations may refuse to renew the license when it expires.
  • Loss of Gun Ownership Rights: In the state of Indiana, felons do not have the right to own, carry, or use a firearm
  • Difficulty Obtaining a Student Loan: The federal government restricts access to student loans for individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense.

The knowledgeable attorneys here at Suhre & Associates, LLC, in Indianapolis, IN, understand how frightening the consequences of a burglary conviction can be. That is exactly why we work so diligently to help our clients avoid and reduce them. If you would like to have us represent you throughout your burglary case, just send us a message to set up an initial consultation with a member of our team.

Defenses Against Burglary Charges in Indiana

People who have been charged with burglary often believe that it is just a matter of time until they are convicted and punished. However, this is not necessarily the case. With the help of an experienced attorney and an effective defense strategy, it is often possible to get the charge dropped or reduced.

A brief list of some of the most commonly used defense strategies in burglary cases would include:

  • Consent: If an attorney can show that their client was in the building with the owner’s permission, they may be able to get the case dismissed.
  • Lack of Intent: If a lawyer can prove that their client did not intend to commit a crime, they might be able to get their charge reduced from burglary to unlawful residential entry. They may even be able to get it dismissed entirely.
  • Coercion: If an attorney can demonstrate that their client committed the offense because they were threatened, they may be able to get the case dismissed – or at least convince the prosecution to offer a more lenient sentence.

To have a Suhre & Associates, LLC, attorney devise an effective defense strategy for you, just give us a call and set up a consultation at our Indianapolis law office.

If you need an experienced attorney to defend you against your burglary charge, please reach out to the Suhre & Associates, LLC, legal team today. We have been fighting tirelessly on behalf of Indianapolis residents for years, and we would love to do the same for you.

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