Should you panic if you find yourself charged with a DUI in the state of Ohio? Not necessarily. For first offenders, you have one option to avoid jail time. Driver intervention programs, or DIPs, are intended to keep a first offender from having to serve a mandatory three days in jail. The law states that jail is the only option for someone who chooses not to attend one of these three-day programs, so it is best to consult with your attorney whether or not a DIP program is best for you and your situation. These programs can be prescribed by a judge after sentencing or suggested by your attorney prior to sentencing.

These courses include traffic safety education and screening, and, depending on the initial charge, the courses could include a drug and alcohol assessment requirement. Other areas of education include the physical, psychological, and social consequences of alcohol and drugs and how driving performance is affected while under the influence. Levels of license suspension and revocation, as well as fines and levels of incarceration are covered as part of the DIP curriculum. Most of these courses take place at hotels, but exact locations, dates, and hours of operations can be obtained at most local courthouses. For a complete list of what to expect during a DIP, visit Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services.

After the successful completion of one of these courses, a certificate is issued. A judge will consider the successful completion of one of these courses when imposing possible penalties. If you find yourself under arrest for DUI as a first-time offender, it is important to consider a driver intervention program (DIP) as an alternative to jail time. Contact the attorneys of Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers because we are familiar with whether or not one of these three-day programs will benefit you before your case or after.