Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Indianapolis is a serious matter. It’s crucial to work with a criminal defense attorney if you find yourself as a defendant in this situation. While it’s essential to hire a lawyer as soon as possible, it’s just as important to make sure you work with one who is best suited to help you. 

Here are eight tips for hiring a DUI lawyer in Indianapolis:

Look at Experience

One of the most important things you can look at is the attorney’s experience. Find out how long they’ve been licensed, what kind of law they practice, and whether they are familiar with Indiana DUI laws specifically. Working with an attorney who has 20 years of experience in family law won’t do you any good – you must make sure the attorney understands criminal and DUI law.

Choose Someone Local

In addition to experience, you should work with a lawyer who practices in the jurisdiction where you were arrested. This generally gives the attorney a bit of an advantage, as they will have in-depth knowledge of how the courts operate. They may know how certain judges behave and are likely to have working relationships with the prosecutors, which could lead to a better outcome for you.

Check Reviews

Once you think you’ve found the attorney you want to work with, make sure you check their reviews from past clients. This could be through Avvo, Google reviews, their website, or other attorney review sites. Just ensure you look across these platforms to get the full picture of past clients’ experiences. Looking at the attorney’s website can be helpful, but keep in mind that it’s unlikely for any negative reviews to be listed there, so take them with a grain of salt. 

Schedule Multiple Consultations 

Almost all criminal lawyers offer free consultations, and this is something you should always take advantage of. No matter how great a lawyer looks on paper, it’s critical to see them in person and get a feel for how you will work together. By meeting multiple potential attorneys, you can get an idea of who’s best for your case.

Consider Availability 

Being arrested for a DUI may be one of the most distressing things that has happened to you in your life. You need to find a lawyer who understands the DUI penalties, how serious the situation is, and who has the time to handle your case. Some attorneys take on more than they can handle – it’s just an unfortunate truth. 

Ask questions – how many clients do they currently have? What kind of assistance do they have from the attorneys and support staff they work with? Try to get an idea of whether they can truly represent you appropriately.

Ask About Resources

Another aspect you will want to ask about is the resources they have access to. This includes expert witnesses, investigators, paralegals, and other support staff. Most attorneys have a pool of expert witnesses they can call upon when necessary and have investigators who can help them collect evidence. If the lawyer doesn’t have these resources, it will be more difficult for them to defend your case.

Learn About Their Communication Style

It’s essential that a lawyer is available and has time to take on your case, but it’s also important that you can communicate effectively with your attorney and that they communicate with you. You want to work with someone who will keep you updated on the case and what’s going on and who will be available to answer questions or concerns. 

Ask any lawyer you may hire if you’ll be able to speak with them when something comes up or if you’ll have to go through a paralegal or different attorney. It can be frustrating to not be able to speak directly to your lawyer during such a difficult time. 

Consider Cost

The unfortunate reality is that everything costs money, including a solid legal defense. You should consider cost and choose an attorney that’s in your budget, but it’s also essential to remember how important this decision is. The outcome could determine a lot about your freedom and your future, so don’t just go with the cheapest option.

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