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What Does A Dismissal Without Prejudice Mean?

If you’re going to court for criminal charges, the best you can hear is “case dismissed.” A dismissal means the case has been thrown out without a conviction. This is good news if you are charged with anything from a first time DUI to domestic violence or theft. However, there are different types of dismissals and… read more

Can I be charged with an OWI if I smoke marijuana?

WARNING: Possession of Marijuana is still a crime in Indiana. If you have a medical marijuana card from another state, this card is NOT a “Get out of jail free” card! As seen in the news recently, several states have passed new legislation regarding the use of marijuana, including recreational use. While states have begun… read more

How to avoid being pulled over by the police for an OWI

For many people, going out after a busy workday with a few workers to enjoy in a Happy Hour or going out for the night with some friends to a local bar or club is rather commonplace. However, after a few drinks, a great night out could potentially end in tragedy. One of the biggest… read more

Alternate means of transportation while your license is suspended-Class B Motor Driving Cycle

When you are pulled over for an alleged Operating While Intoxicated, or OWI, in Indiana, you will most likely be asked to submit to a certified chemical test, which normally would be either a breath test or a blood test. The officer conducting the OWI investigation is required to inform you of your Implied Consent…. read more