Criminal Law

The Consequences of Avoiding the Police

You might be inclined to avoid the police as a knee-jerk reaction to being at a crime scene or knowing you are facing an arrest. However, avoiding the police in Indianapolis can result in one or more criminal charges. What Happens if I Avoid the Police in Indianapolis, IN? Depending on the facts and circumstances… read more

What Are the Steps of a Criminal Trial in Indianapolis, IN

Many criminal cases are resolved without going to trial. Usually, an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer can work to have the criminal charges dropped or negotiate a fair plea deal. However, taking some cases to a criminal trial in Indianapolis is necessary to protect the person’s rights and fight for an acquittal. Understanding the Steps… read more

The Consequences of an Indiana Level 6 Felony Conviction

Like most states, Indiana categorizes serious crimes into felony levels based on the severity of the offense. Indiana uses these categories to determine the consequences for the crimes within each category. Under the current criminal code, the least serious felonies fall into the Level 6 designation, and as a result, courts impose the lightest sentences… read more

What Are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

What does it mean for a crime to be a crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT)? It can help to have a refresher of how laws are made. State legislatures introduce bills that are voted into law. State legislatures have the authority, for the most part, to define what is a crime inside the state.  Crimes… read more