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What is a Hung Jury?

In early January, an Indiana man facing murder and robbery charges learned he would have to face another trial after the jury said it was hung. Although they cleared him of the robbery charge, the jury could not reach a decision on the one for murder. So, what exactly does that mean? It’s not unusual… read more

Can You Be Arrested For Flipping Off the Cops?

Have you ever had the urge to let police officers know how you really feel? We understand. It’s perfectly normal to want to vent or express your frustration after what you feel is unfair treatment by a police officer. Is sticking out your middle finger, though, crossing the line? It may be legal, but it’s… read more

What is a Subpoena?

You’re sitting at home minding your own business when a knock at the door shatters your mood. Standing on your step is a police officer with a subpoena that has your name on it. What do you do? Once the understandable feelings of shock and confusion begin to fade, your first call should be to… read more

What to Expect if You’re Arrested for Drug Possession in Indianapolis, IN

Being out and having a good time is all well and good…until you hear the words, “place your hands behind your back; you’re under arrest.” If controlled substances – drugs – are involved, things can get really serious, really fast, mostly if you aren’t able to have a drug crimes lawyer near you. The steps… read more

Is Mail Order Weed Legal?

In an era when everything from groceries to vehicles – and everything in between – can be bought online, it only makes sense that marijuana would get the same treatment. In fact, from 2005-2017, about 2.5 million people looked for online marijuana ordering services in their Google searches. When you also consider that Canada has… read more

What Is a Criminal Defense Attorney and When Do You Need One?

Criminal defense attorneys often get a bad rap from Hollywood movies and TV shows. While plotlines frequently lead the audience to see defense attorneys as slippery creatures who routinely lie to judges, juries, and even their clients, reality lives in a different dimension than a screenplay. What is a Criminal Defense Attorney? The definition of… read more

Do Ankle Bracelets Have Microphones?

Former NFL star Michael Vick wore one. Comedians Andy Dick and Tracy Morgan did, as well. Heck, even Lindsay Lohan had one. We’re talking about electronic monitoring devices – ankle bracelets – required to be worn by some suspects rather than spending time in jail. According to the most recent data, court-ordered use of GPS… read more

Thanksgiving Eve is the Biggest Drinking Night of the Year, Here Are 6 Tips to Keep You Safe

Holiday eating season is finally upon us. Get ready for turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and boatloads of gravy. So, so much gravy. Of course, when you have food- you also need drinks. Many families want to avoid cooking the night before the big holiday, so they choose to go out to a restaurant for dinner…. read more

The Truth About Murder Laws in Indiana

Last year, there were 159 criminal homicides in Indianapolis – setting a record for the fourth year in a row. There have been 120 so far this year.  Facing charges for the death of another person in Indiana, though, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being charged with murder.  Murder charges in most states are divided into… read more

Is a DUI a Felony in Indiana?

An Evansville man recently faced charges of Level 6 felony OWI/DUI (Operating while intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence) for driving drunk with his 2-year-old daughter in the vehicle. The man’s blood alcohol content (BAC) measured 0.14%. He was taken to jail and held without bond while the youngster was released to the custody of her mother…. read more