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Have you been arrested for DUI/OWI in Indianapolis, IN? If so, you face severe DUI penalties for a drunk driving conviction, depending on the facts of your case and your criminal record. However, you might also qualify for DUI probation, which could eliminate or shorten your jail time.

Our Indianapolis DUI probation lawyers at Suhre & Associates, LLC have extensive experience handling drunk driving cases in Indiana. We will thoroughly investigate your DUI charges to determine the best criminal defense strategy and minimize the possible consequences you could face.

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How Our Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Charged with DUI/OWI 

How Our Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Charged with DUI/OWI 

Our legal team at Suhre & Associates, LLC includes a former prosecutor and former police officer. Their firsthand knowledge of how DUIs are handled gives our clients an added advantage when fighting drunk driving charges. Our legal team has more than 100 years of combined legal experience. 

At Suhre & Associates, LLC, we have experienced, skilled, and highly respected criminal defense lawyers. Our DUI attorneys have received numerous awards and recognitions, including being on The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 list and being included as Super Lawyers in Indiana.

When you hire our award-winning legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Explain your legal options for fighting a DUI in Indianapolis 
  • Protect your constitutional rights to a fair and just criminal prosecution
  • Investigate the DUI charges to gather evidence 
  • Obtain and review the evidence the prosecutor has against you
  • Represent you in all court hearings and at trial, if necessary
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to obtain a fair plea agreement, if that is the best strategy for your case 

Suhre & Associates, LLC offers experience you can trust as you fight to win a DUI case. We are available 24/7 to take calls or talk online. Contact our law firm today to request a free case evaluation with an experienced DUI probation lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What Is DUI Probation in Indianapolis, IN?

Probation is a way to avoid jail time or possibly shorten a jail sentence. You must agree to and follow certain restrictions and rules during your DUI probation period. If so, the judge orders your release from jail or suspends your sentence pending probation completion. 

It is essential to recognize that DUI probation can be challenging. Numerous conditions restrict your actions. If you violate probation, you could be placed in jail and face other penalties for probation violations.

What Are the Rules for DUI Probation in Indianapolis?

Judges impose rules for DUI probation based on the facts of the case. However, some probation conditions are common in all drunk driving cases. 

Examples of the conditions for DUI probation include, but are not limited to:

  • You must meet with a probation officer and pay probation fees
  • Participation in a substance abuse class that includes education about driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Mandatory participation in a treatment program and/or substance abuse meetings like AA or NA
  • You must install an ignition interlock device (IID) and pay the fees for the device and monitoring 
  • You are subject to random alcohol and drug testing
  • You’re prohibited from entering liquor stores and bars
  • Restrictions on visiting restaurants that serve alcohol
  • Community service
  • Payment of restitution, if your drunk driving resulted in harm or damage to another party
  • You cannot consume alcohol or drugs
  • You cannot commit any new criminal offenses while on probation
  • Attendance at a Victim Impact Panel
  • The judge could require you to take Antabuse, which causes you to vomit if you swallow alcohol

Talk with our Indianapolis DUI probation attorneys about the possible terms and conditions of probation based on the circumstances of your case. 

Is DUI Probation Better Than Going to Jail?

DUI probation could last for one to three years. 

Probation for DUI is not easy. It can also be expensive and time-consuming. Depending on the offense and possible jail time, some individuals might opt to serve their jail sentence instead of committing to DUI probation rules for longer. 

You should explore the possible defenses to DUI charges before accepting a plea deal that includes probation. An experienced Indianapolis DUI defense attorney could uncover police misconduct, violations of your civil rights, or other evidence that could result in a dismissal or reduction in DUI charges. 

Because DUI probation can be challenging, exploring all options before pleading guilty to DUI charges is always best.

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